Cloud Nine - Medi Rest- Base Set - Double

Cloud Nine - Medi Rest - Double Base set
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Cloud Nine - Medi-Rest

DESCRIPTION : Turn-Free firm posture support core.

Micro quilted Poly-cotton knitted cover - Luxuriously soft Poly-cotton knitted covers have a gentle and comfortable feel that does not irritate skin. It also acts as an effective moisture guard with anti-bacterial properties to enhance the life of the mattress.

High density buoyant Polyurethane foam layers - This top-to-mid layer of foam offers stable spinal support and gives the mattress a gently firm, luxurious feel. Polyurethane foam gives the mattress it’s iconic comfort.

High density reconstituted foam posture support core - The sturdy Posture Support Core corrects your sleeping posture while you sleep to ensure perfect support and no back or joint aches in the morning.

Zero movement transfer - This mattress offers zero movement transfer through Cloud Nine’s advanced posture support structure; This means that you will no longer disturb sleeping partners.

Allergy Free - This mattress is 100% odour free and contains 0 chemicals that cause regular human allergies such as; sneezing or clogged up sinuses.

Hygienic & Non-Toxic - The foam used in every Cloud Nine mattress is made to be completely stable, non-toxic and hygienic.